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The Beaches Of The Daintree Coast

All the beaches on the Daintree Coast, to varying degrees, offer the visitor that “deserted beach” experience. Here, “where the rainforest meets the sea”, a backdrop of tropical vegetation, majestic coastal trees and swaying palms line the beaches. Here your “footprints in the sand” are often the only ones and it is possible to walk just a few hundred metres from the access point, claim a piece of sand, and sit for hours without seeing another single person.

The Coral Sea’s ocean currents deposit daily treasure troves of flotsam and jetsam on the high tide watermark and at low tide, interspersed between the sandy stretches of beach, the coastal fringe reefs become exposed providing refuge for a myriad of sea creatures.

Wonga Beach

Is the closest beach to the Southern side of the Daintree River and one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in the area. At its southern end groves of coconut palms line the beach and there are several beachfront homes available for holiday rent, with shops close by. Behind the sand dunes towards the northern end of this beach Melaleuca forest provides a buffer from the farming land behind and the mangrove forests and wetlands of the Daintree river system begin.

Cape Kimberley

Offers a great walk to the mouth of the Daintree River and with views of Snapper Island. The ocean currents ensure driftwood, shells and other marine debris collect here on the high tide mark. (Please note – this beach is within a National Park, as with most beaches on the Daintree Coast, and therefore the removal of shells, driftwood, corals and pebbles is not allowed.)

Cow Bay Beach

Is one of the ideal beaches for those looking for a ‘deserted beach’ experience. At low tide it is possible to walk north around the headlands to reach even more isolated beaches. Drifts of multi-coloured pebbles and coral pieces can be found in places along this beach at the high tide water-mark.

Thornton Beach

Has car parking and picnic areas set amongst the coastal vegetation with a café nearby, making it a great place to visit. Walk the beach and experience ‘where the rainforest meets the reef’. At the southern end of this beach is the mouth of Cooper Creek, one of Australia’s richest mangrove systems.

Coconut Beach

Can be seen from the main road, just before you arrive at Cape Tribulation. Walk through to the beach, or access via the Coconut Beach Resort Restaurant at The Long House. The fringing reef at Coconut Beach is a great place to explore at low tide.

Myall Beach

Is located on the southerly side of the Cape Tribulation headland. A popular swimming spot, with no fringing reef, can be found opposite the Dubuji entrance to this beach.

Cape Tribulation Beach

Is located on the northern side of the Cape Tribulation headland. This beach is the most sheltered location when the southeast trade winds are blowing.

Emmagen Beach

Is located about 5 kilometres north of Cape Tribulation. A Giant Strangler Fig about 800 metres south of Emmagen Creek marks the start of a rough track that leads to the beach. Do not swim here as a crocodiles frequent the area. It is possible to walk back along the coast to Cape Tribulation Beach, at low tide.

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Accommodation: The area has a wide range of accommodation for all tastes and budgets

Tours & Attractions: Plenty of things to do, as well as great day tours of the area featuring stops at key attractions and locations.

Self-Drive Itineraries: Some suggestions for how you could plan your visit, according to your interests and time.

Location & Getting Here: Approximately 2 hours north of Cairns and includes the Daintree National Park, Daintree River, Daintree Village, and Cape Tribulation.

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