Destination Daintree

Jungle Bugs & Butterflies

This world-class collection of butterflies, moths, beetles and insects allows visitors to see and feel the jungle bugs and butterflies of the Daintree Coast and the world.

This unique display has been collected by Stephen Lamond over 40 years. His beetle & butterfly explorations have taken him to jungles all around the world collecting and discovering rare, exotic and new species.

In his vision to share this unique world with others his passion has inspired him to design and build an extraordinary building made from local rainforest timber. Housing his amazing collection the DAINTREE ENTOMOLLOGICAL MUSEUM exhibits Stephen Lamond's lifelong passion and work including his personal artwork, timberwork, insect and butterfly breeding house, live insects and new beetle discoveries.

There is also a gift shop which has a variety of souvenirs including handcrafted timber gifts, furniture, butterfly and beetle boxes, local tea, chutneys, postcards and more. After exploring this magnificent collection, take a stroll to the breeding house and make your way to the creek where you can relax with a cool drink.  Found 17 kms north of the Daintree River Ferry, Jungle Bugs & Butterflies is situated on little Coopers Creek, surrounded by ancient rainforest and Thornton's Peak.  You'll find the museum and gallery entry between Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation on Turpentine Rd - you can't miss the giant yellow spider web gate on your left. Our rates are family friendly and children and adults of all ages will have a memorable educational experience. We do take group bookings and are a popular destination for school excursions.