Destination Daintree

Snapper Island 2 Day / 1 Night Paddle Trek

Snapper Island National Park is situated 2 kilometres from the mouth of the Daintree River, and 11km from Cow Bay Beach, Cape Tribulation. Uninhabited, filled with tropical rainforest and surrounded by magnificent coral reef and white sandy beaches you will have no trouble filling up your time snorkelling, walking, lazing and exploring.

The Itinerary

Your adventure starts 8am at Daintree Crocodylus in Cow Bay where you will be fuelled up for the 11km paddle by a hearty breakfast. Here you will also receive your orientation and camping paraphernalia e.g. dry bag, sleeping gear, snorkel sets, and stinger suits. Then it's off to the beach where you will pair up, jump in our stable 7m double kayaks, then off you go!

The 11km kayak is taken at a slow pace to ensure everyone makes the most of the spectacular views of the Daintree Coastline and can spend time posing for photos and spotting all the sea life that accompanies you along the way - turtles and sea birds for sure and maybe even a dolphins or whale!

Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by our expert guide who will keep your safe, prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, set up your tents and sing you to sleep.

Once on the island you will have plenty of time to explore Snapper's rainforest and fringing coral reefs before settling down to dinner and a spectacular sunset. Then,it's off to bed in your true room with a view.

Wake up next day to the amazing sunrise, and breakfast on the beach, and it's off again to kayak slowly back to Cow Bay beach visiting Shipwreck Cove, Robinson Crusoe and Coral Cove along the way, for morning tea and lunch, and possibly just one more snorkel.