Destination Daintree

D'Arcy of Daintree 4WD Tours

Stunning coastal and rainforest views, creeks, beaches, history plus stops and explanation of this fascinating region, up the Bloomfield Track, are the essence of all tours.

The Wujal Wujal half-day tour is a classic 4WD tour through beautiful creeks along the Bloomfield Track, with lots of sightseeing stops along the way: the Strangler Fig, Emmagen Creek, Donovan's Point Lookout, Cowie Beach and Woobadda Creek, plus plants and wildlife.

At the falls, one of the Walker family (traditional owners) provide an insight into local indigenous culture. The Bana Yirriji Arts Centre, on the way to the Falls, is open Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).

The Cooktown tour is a comprehensive full day tour that takes you further up the Track past Wujal Wujal towards Cooktown. It encompasses most features and great scenery of the Wujal Wujal Falls tour and more. The Lion's Den Hotel, Black Mountain, Grassy Hill and Endeavor River are some of the usual stops on the way past Wujal Wujal. Keatings Lagoon and Cooktown Botanic Gardens are other seasonal attractions visited by the tour (depending on availability). The spectacular Archer Point can be included by special arrangement and by limiting other segments. Entry to the James Cook Museum is included.