Destination Daintree

Daintree Discovery Centre

The Daintree Discovery Centre, now in its 30th year of operation, is the Hallmark and most awarded attraction in the Daintree.

As the first stop North of the Daintree River we strive to give visitors the most unique and exciting Daintree experience by allowing the Rainforest to be viewed, from every perspective, by people of all ages.

Our iconic Centre at Cow Bay features the famous 23 metre Rainforest Canopy Tower, spectacular Aerial Walkways and Boardwalks, informative Audio Guides in 8 languages, Rainforest Reptiles and Native Fish Displays, children’s audio guides and displays, a mini theatre, Interpretive Centre with touch screens, all ability access for prams, strollers and wheelchairs and gorgeous views from our coffee shop, overlooking Maclean’s Creek.

Our facility has been specially designed to cause the least amount of impact, on the surrounding pristine Rainforest, and cause the least disturbance to the active local wildlife.

As a hot spot for regular Cassowary activity, our Centre is one of the most popular places on the planet to experience wild Cassowaries, all from the safety of our viewing platforms.

Our goal is to provide visitors with as much information, about the Daintree environment, so they can experience, learn and appreciate the surrounding flora and fauna found in this ancient Rainforest.

Make use of the complimentary 7 day return pass to experience the rainforest in different weather conditions, or take your knowledge to explore other parts of Cape Tribulation on the rest of your journey.

Come and experience the world’s oldest rainforest at every level - from forest floor to the top of the canopy at the most awarded attraction in the Daintree.