Destination Daintree

Dan Irby's Mangrove Adventures

"Nightwatchman", (the vessel), is 6 metres long with an open top and very comfortable 360 degree swivel seats which allow you to turn to see "the action" all around and above you. Its shallow draft allows a much closer approach to things of interest (photography and closer looks) and enables us to go where other boats cannot go.

Most other river tours are primarily a one-hour "See a Crocodile" tour. But this tour is different because Dan (a research scientist for over 23 years) personally conducts all tours and has done so since 1993. He has the experience and knowledge to help you get most out of your Daintree River experience and he will be able to answer most of your questions. This is a tour that allows everyone (from beginner to professional) to enjoy all aspects to the fullest.

Morning Tour: Earliest start is 10:00 am.

Afternoon Tour: Sometimes this is preferred time-slot instead of the Morning Tour or Evening Tour because of a more favourable tide (low tides are better for viewing) or because it suits your travel plans better.

Evening/spotlighting Tour: starts when it is light and continues into the dark. Offers a very unique experience for many people. We commonly see things that just don't happen during the daylight hours.

Combination tours: combines two of the above 2 hour tours (with a short break) that takes you into different areas of the river for a more inclusive look at the different types of mangrove areas.

Please note: I no longer do tours every day. I work from home - so I am not located or operate from the river. To insure that I am available to take you on a tour at your preferred time, you must book in advance (not on the day that you want your tour) otherwise, you will probably need to be very lucky!