Destination Daintree

Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

Here's an environment-friendly resort that's easy on the visitor too.  Set back in the heart of a lush coastal rainforest, a short stroll from Cape Tribulation's beach and it's famous mangrove boardwalks, Ferntree Rainforest Lodge is a superb, affordable tropical getaway.

Named in 1770 by Captain Cook, for the trouble he ran into before grounding his ship on a nearby reef, Caoe Tribulation is anything but that for visitors today.  The experience now is incomparable relaxation.  A genuinely delightful holiday is in store for you.  You can bushwalk, horse-ride, kayak, snorkel, fish in the estuaries or simply let go in one of Australia's most beautiful settings.

The dense rainforest reaches all the way down to the coast from rugged mountains rising in the west, with ancient, exotic plant life bordering the waterfalls and clear jungle streams.  The area is home to some of the oldest species of ferns, including the renowned Anglopteris, the largest in the world.

Ferntee Rainforest Lodge makes the very best of this setting, featuring low pitched buildings that are set harmoniously within the vivid green landscape.  The Lodge's magnificent gardens are designed to attract the splendid rainforest creatures.  You can witness from your room the operatic display of butterflies and birds unique to this spectacular region.

It would be hard to find a better place to delight, inspire and refresh you.