Destination Daintree

Jungle Adventures Night Walks

We don’t need to build a time machine – we’ll just give you a torch, and take you back 120 million years away from city lights and urbanisation into a buzzing nocturnal world. Many of the most fascinating species of the Daintree are nocturnal, so as the sun sets over the trees, the forest comes to life.

We’ll take you on an adventure to find some of those species, so keep your eyes peeled. We don’t bait or cage any animals, but in addition to our frequent sightings of sleeping birds and rainforest dragons, we regularly encounter forest mammals including bats and possums, many species of spiders and insects plus beautiful snakes including amethystine and carpet pythons and brown tree snakes.

It’s a singing, bustling world, far removed from man’s dominance over the earth, and we’ll introduce you to a weird and wonderful cast of characters who live together to create this grand circle of life.

Tours depart nightly at 7.30pm and last two hours. Raincoats and flashlights are provided, but comfortable enclosed footwear and moderate fitness are required. Minimum age 8 years.

Located at Cape Tribulation.