Destination Daintree

Southern Fringes


Port Douglas, Mossman, Miallo and the Whyanbeel Valley:-



(60 minutes north of Cairns)

  • A laid-back resort town with a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and shops

  • The closest access-point to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland – full and half day tours to suit every interest and budget

  • Lively Sunday and Wednesday afternoon markets

  • World-famous wildlife sanctuary


(20 minutes north of Port Douglas)

  • Small sugar-mill town – the mill processes sugar-cane from all the region's cane-farms

  • Mossman Gorge is 10 minutes west of the town and offers stunning rainforest walks, swimming holes. Walk by yourself or join a walk with an expert Indigenous guide.

  • A range of shops – including a large Woolworths supermarket – several restaurants and accommodation options. It is the largest shopping centre between Port Douglas and Cooktown.


(20 minutes north of Mossman) 

  • Beautiful valley, farmland and rainforest backdrop

  • Riverside restaurant

  • Art gallery
  • World War 2 bombsite 

A little north of Mossman, the turnoff to the small community of Miallo leads to the beautiful Whyanbeel Valley with its many acres of sugar-cane set against a lush backdrop of rainforested hills.

Whyanbeel is the local Aboriginal name for a canoe.

As you follow the meandering road past cane farms, picturesque creeks, tropical fruit farms and gardens you may catch a glimpse of the impressive High Falls cascading down the hillside above you.

This peaceful valley also offers some exciting and different things-to-do. Watch a famous glass-blower create miracles before your eyes – or ‘visit the outback’ at a spectacular Australian cattle mustering show.

Drive along Bamboo Creek Road on your way back to the main Mossman to Daintree road and you will pass a small memorial to a World War 2 bombing.