Destination Daintree

Restaurants, Hotels & Shops

Restaurants & Hotels

Wherever you explore throughout the Daintree you will find a range of places to satisfy your appetite. Restaurants in the heart of the rainforest, overlooking cool rivers and pools, beside the beach, in a village or in an Aussie hotel.

Be prepared to try Daintree's local delicacies – the famous barramundi fish and even crocodile. And if you love tropical fruit you will love the Daintree! Explore her valleys and you will find passionfruit, pawpaw (papaya), lychees, rambutans, mangoes and dozens of other exotic fruits growing on local farms … and appearing on dinner plates everywhere.

Some restaurants specialise in local 'bush-tucker' sourced by our wonderful indigenous Aboriginal community – delicious and very different flavours you will find nowhere else.

Shops and Services

There are a number of smaller supermarkets, souvenir shops and services dotted throughout the Daintree, the main ones being at Cape Tribulation, Rainforest Village and Daintree Village.


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