Destination Daintree

Self-Drive Itineraries

With so much to see, it's worth spending some time planning your self-drive itinerary beforehand. Remember to plan time to stop and take in the environment, do a river cruise, walk the beaches and soak up the lush, rainforest surrounds.

Our downloadable Daintree Visitor map can be very useful for your planning.  We have listed here a quick summary of things you find in each location:

Bomb Site Plaque

MIALLO and WHYANBEEL VALLEY (30 min from Port Douglas or 15 min from Mossman)

  • Beautiful valley, farmland and rainforest backdrop

  • Glass-blowing studio (winter only)

  • Riverside restaurant

  • Australian outback experiences

  • WW2 Bombsite

Wonga Beach

WONGA BEACH (10 min from Mossman, 15 min from South side of Ferry)

  • Beachside suburb

  • Accommodation –  caravan park, holiday home

  • Beautiful uninhabited beach

  • Fish-farm – catch your own


DAINTREE VILLAGE and VALLEYS (20 min from Ferry or Wonga Beach)

  • Tiny historic village

  • Wide range of accommodation options

  • Crocodile-, bird-watching and nature river cruises, dawn, dusk and throughout the day

  • Small historic township with cafes, galleries.

  • Argo Tours

  • Nearby walks to beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes

  • Free historical Village walk

  • Free electric BBQ in Pioneer's Park

  • Scenic drives through lush farming country and rainforest

Daintree Ferry Landing on North Margin

DAINTREE RIVER FERRY South side (20 min from Daintree Village, 15 min to Wonga Beach)

  • This is the main point of entry to the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree National Park.  Ferry prices and details in Driving Information. The ferry crossing itself takes about ten minutes. The road north from the ferry to Cape Tribulation passes through amazing rainforest scenery, with winding roads and some great views of the coastline.

  • Range of crocodile- and nature-watching river cruises, dawn, dusk and throughout the day


Discovery Centre - Tower

COW BAY and DIWAN (15-20 min from north of Ferry)

(stop at the lookout at the top of the Alexandra Range en route)

  • Wide range of accomodation and restaurant options

  • Daintree Discovery Centre

  • Insect museum

  • Ice-cream factories

  • Tea plantation

  • Access roads to Cow Bay and Cape Kimberley beaches

  • Jindalba boardwalk (free)

  • Guided day and night walks

  • Wildlife cruise on Cooper Creek

  • Fuel station and small supermarket

  • Airstrip

  • Medical facility


Cape Tribulation Beach

CAPE TRIBULATION (20-25min from Cow Bay/Diwan)

(stop on the way at Thornton Beach, Marrdja Boardwalk, Noah and Coconut Beaches)

  • Wide range of accommodation and restaurant options

  • Small supermarket

  • Zip-lining through the rainforest

  • Sea-kayaking

  • Tropical fruit-tasting

  • Half-day reef tours

  • Bat and Snake houses

  • Dubuji and Kulki Boardwalks (free)

  • Myall and Cape Tribulation Beaches

  • Mt Sorrow walk (strenuous – free)


EMMAGEN CREEK and BEACH (20min from Cape Tribulation on gravel road)

  • Picturesque creek and picnic area

  • Beautiful beach


  • Specialist Tour operators can take you up the track to Wujal Wujal falls or Cooktown if you want to explore it without your own 4WD