Destination Daintree

Cape Kimberley

Snapper Island from Cape Kimberley  

  • Offers a great walk to the mouth of the Daintree River

  • Views to Snapper Island

  • Ocean currents deposit driftwood, shells and marine debris at high tide mark, but their removal is not allowed as the beach is within the National Park

  • Resort and camping


Cape Kimberley forms the northern boundary of the 12 km wide bay into which the Daintree River flows. Between the river mouth and the cape is the 3.5 km long Cape Kimberley Beach. The beach faces south-east, directly into the Trades, however Snapper Island 2.5 km offshore and the river mouth shoals lower the waves along parts of the beach. 

The beach is accessible by the 10 km long Cape Kimberley Road that runs out to the cape from the Daintree ferry, skirting the extensive floodplain and swamp that backs the beach. There is a resort and camping area at the northern end of the beach, together with public parking and facilities, making this a relatively popular beach. 

The more exposed parts of the beach receive waves averaging 0.5 m, which break across a wide, low gradient beach that is up to 200 m wide at low tide. Toward the southern end, the Daintree River mouth shoals extend up to 1 km off the beach, substantially lowering the waves and widening the low tide beach. 

Extract from Beachsafe website